Best Seafood on The Amalfi Coast

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Fritto Misti


I stayed at Villa Maria (Lemon Farm, Minori) for a couple days once again, and was next going to meet my cousin Tony in Salerno. Tony arrived in Salerno two days before and was hanging out with our cousins Marta and Mimmo who live in Salerno. I told Tony that the ferry boat I was catching was due to arrive in Salerno at 12:30 pm, after quick stops in Maiori and the fishing village of Cetara. It was a nice day, so I quite enjoyed the lovely boat ride along the beautiful Amalfi Coast from Minori to Salerno. The boat arrived and I hopped off and walked down the long path towards the exit of Salerno’s Marine Terminal. I was surprised when, as I was walking, I spotted Tony’s good friend Alan about 100 feet ahead. Then I saw Tony. Alan had a some time off, and flew over to hang out with Tony and I for a few days. It was warm greetings, as its always great to see my cousin Tony, and Alan was a long as well. We threw my bags in the car, and it was off to lunch. When I spoke to Tony on the phone the night before, he told me not to eat before I got there, that he was taking me to some place for lunch. He had told me that Mimmo and Marta brought him there, and that it was a really nice restaurant.

We pulled up to La Spagnola, parked the car, and hopped out. The lady that turned out to be our waitress, greeted us at the door, then brought us to our table. The table had our name on it (Bellino name tag) and we all sat down. The place looked great, and I was excited for a lunch to come.

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Antipasto Misti di Mare

Tony handed me the wine-list and said, “pick out a nice Champagne Dan.” OK. I looked the wine list over, browsed the Champagne, as well as other sparkling wines, but it wasn’t Champagne that I chose. I saw the Giulio Ferrari Brut 2004 and thought that would be good, so I said to Tony, “they have some nice Italian Sparkler. What do you think?” Tony said yes, so when the waitress came over I ordered a bottle. A few minutes later, the waitress came back with the wine, I tasted it and so we began our lunch a t La Spagnola. Tony loved the wine, and so did I as well as Alan, and I didn’t know that a created a monster, so-to-speak, as after this, Tony fell in love with the Ferrari, and we’d drink about 6 more bottles before our trip was over.

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Giulio Ferrari 2004

“Some Tasty Wine”

The waitress started chatting with us about what they had that day, and dishes that she suggested. She asked us if we liked Razor Clams, and also if we wanted a little antipasto plate each of Polpo and the Polpette di Alici (Anchovy Meatballs) that Tony was raving about. We all agreed on that, so the waitress went to get that started for us. So we were chit-chatting, sipping our tasty Ferrari (not Champagne) , and just enjoying our time when the waitress brought us each a lovely plate of Polpo e Pelpette di Alici. Wow, just the sight of the dish got us all going, it so very good, and when I bit into the Sardine Meatball (Polpette d’ Alici) I realized what Tony had been talking about, and why raved so about the dish he had a couple nights before. Well, needless to say, we all loved the dish, the Octopus and Alici were as tasty as can be.

After the antipasti misti, our waitress brought us a 2nd antipasto course, and gave us each a gorgeous looking plate of sauteed Razor Clams each. Dam, they were tasty! And so we enjoyed once again.

And now it was time to ordered our main-course. Alan and I each ordered Spaghetti Vongole and Tony ordered some Orata. When those dishes came, of course they were all superb, and we totally enjoyed them.

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Our Antipasto al la Spagnola

Polpette di Alici e Polpo

“Absolutely Awesome!”

Yes, our lunch was a big hit. We had a wonderful waitress, whose service was par excel-lance. The food was as it would turn out, the best I had on our 12 day trip to the Amalfi Coast, in the Summer of 2018 … Yes, we ate in a lot of wonderful restaurants all over the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Italy. We ate at Buco di Bacco and Da Vincenzo in Positano, we had a few nice meals in Sorrento as well as an awesome lunch at Lo lo Smeraldino in Amalfi which maybe was as good as La Spagnola. Yes, we had the most wonderful lunch out on the deck at Lo Smeraldino. We had an incredible view of Amalfi, we drank Ferrari again, we had a couple awesome waiters taking care of us, and we ate Langostines, Calamari, Cozze, and Grancio (local Crab).

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Our Razor Clams at la Spagnola

Yes, I’d have to say that our meal at :a Spagnola in Salerno, Italy was a most memorable one. I will never forget that wonderful lunch I had that day with cousin Tony and our friend Alan. La Spagnola is a gem of a restaurant, and along with Da Marino in Naples, L’Archetto, also in Salerno, Buco di Bacco in Positano, these are my top 4 favorite restaurants in the entire area in Campania that comprises: Napoli, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Minori, and all of the AMalfi Coast of Italy, yes La Spagnola is a very special gem of a restaurant, and so I’d urge anyone staying in Salerno, you must eat here, and the restaurant is certainly worth a pecial trip from anywhere at all on the Amalfi Coast. Wherever you may be on the coast, you can take a nice boat ride to get to Salerno, And you can make a whole day of it, hit a Gelateria, and get a Pizza or Calzone from my buddy Gerardo at his wonderful little Pizzeria / Trattoria L’Archetto, also in Salerno. Just do it !

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Alan, Myself, and Cousin Tony


My Trip Amalfi Coast 2019

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Our View of AMALFI

From Our Table at Lo SMERALDINO



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Making My PIZZA



READ about GERARDO and his PIZZA

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Pizza by GERARDO



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A Fisherman on his Fishing Boat



Maybe this fisherman caught some of the Fish that we ate at La Spagnola or our awesome lunch at Lo Smeraldino in Amalfi.

Cetara is the only true fishing village left on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It’s a cute little town, and one of the best places to get an awesome Seafood Meal on the Amalfi Coast. There are several wonderful little trattoria’s in town that we highly recommend taking a trip to Cetara. You’ll have a lovely car or boat ride, and one of the best seafood lunches or dinners of your life. Garaunteed! 

Note : The fishermen catch all different kinds of fish, but the town is most famous for the Alici (anchovies) caught by the fishing fleet of this town. Besides the wonderful seafood trattoria’s, there are several shops where you can buy the famous Anchovies in bottles as well as the Secret Anchovy Sauce (Colatura) of Cetara.

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Polpo al Guasetto at La Spagnola


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An Awesome Mixed Seafood Plate at La Spagnola


Just look at that plate. Doesn’t it make your mouth water? This is the type of wonderful food they prepare at La Spagnola, easily one of The Best Restaurants in all of Campania.

“Yes, it’s that Good!”



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