The Beaches of Positano Fornillo Laurito Arienzo DaAldolfo Spiaggi Grande Map


View from LIDO la SCOGLIERA Beach Club by Music on The Rocks


“This is my own personal Favorite Beach in Positano”


Lido la Scogliera and Music on The Rocks

Night Club




Ever since my first visit to Positano in 1985, I have always loved spending a day at Lido la Scogliera Beach Club in Positano. It makes me feel like a King. I rent my Chaise Lounge, sit back and relax, enjoying the wonderful Amalfi Coast Sun and the surrounding town of Positano as it springs from the Sea, high up into the Latteri Mountains of Southern Italy. I’d sit back and relax just enjoying the gorgeous view and those special beach sounds of back ground music and people chattering away. Normally I’m not a beach person, but whenever in Positano or the lovely Isle of Capri, I just love to swim and I do quite a bit in both locals, swimming around for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, and a total of well over an hour in the water each day I’m here.

It’s not cheap renting a spot here during the day, but it’s well worth it, and I’ve always felt as it was a special treat to myself whenever I did. If I’m in Positano for a few days, I’ll alternate between spending the day at Lido Scogliera and the free beach at Fornillo which is quite nice as well. 



Arienzo Beach

Arienzo Beach is another nice option for a day at the beach. There is both a free public and a private beach where a spot with a Chaise Lounge Beach Chair cost between 15 and 20 Euros. You can either take a shuttle boat from the center of Positano at Marina Grande where all the boats are, or you can walk down the more than 200 stairs from the road above. The restaurant at the Bagni Arienzo Beach Club serves very good food, including Salads, Antipasti, Pasta, and Fresh Seafood.



Spiaggi Grande

The Main Beach of Positano

Spiaggi Grande is the main beacch of Positano. Most of the beach is private, with beach chair placement running about 20 Euros per person. There is a small free public beach where you can put down your blanket or beach mat and enjoy yourself for free, though we recommend spending the extra cash and goignt to the private beach at Lido Scogliera (20 Euro). If you can’t afford the 20 Euro, you are much better off going to the free section of Formillo Beach, it’s much nicer than the free section of Spiaggi Grande. Basta.


Fornillo Beach is a Great Spot with Several Nice Bars and Restaurants

There are 3 Private Beaches at Fornillo Beach and one Public Beach that is a  Free Beach. If you look at this picture, the Free Beach is at the far end, and is quite nice, and is much nicer than the Free Beach at Spiaggi Grande in the center of town. To get to Fornillo (Furnace) Beach, if you are down by the by where all the Ferry Boats arrive and depart at, and by the ticket windows for the boats. The Hotel Covo die Saraceni is the large hotel right there by the water. If you have your back to the Sea and are looking at this hotel, over to the left you will find the pathway that leads to Fornillo Beach. Hop on the path and start walking, it is a nice little walk that’s last than 10 minutes and you’ll be there to pick the beach of your choice.







The Boat to Da ALDOLFO





Map of Positano and its Beaches




“My Favorite Beach Club”