The Worlds Best Lemonade


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I could see Positano in the distance and my heart skipped a beat. I’d been there three times before, but hadn’t seen it in some time, and it was just as beautiful as ever, even if now there was multiplies of more people going there, the town is still gorgeous. But this time, I wasn’t getting off in Positano as I usually did. This time I was headed for Minori, a town I had an early evening dinner in with my friends when we rented a car to go to Pompeii and then Vietro Sul Mare to by some the beautiful ceramic plates. We stopped at a cute little trattoria for some tasty seafood and then we were off. After our dinner, we stopped off at Amalfi, parked the car, had a couple Negroni’s at an outdoor caffe. Then we walked around and marvelled at the Feast of Santa Anna that was going on at the time. That was way back in 1987.
Let’s get back to 2015 on the Amalfi Coast, and making my way to Villa Maria (Minori). It sort of pained me, to not be getting off the bus in Positano as I normally would have done, unless I was coming from Capri by boat. Anyway, I almost wanted to cry of, as I just got a teasing glimpse of my beloved little town (Positano).

The bus passed through the town, making its way to Amalfi, as I strained to catch the last glimpse of the town, we drove on our way south towards Amalfi. No need to cry, I was going to Villa Maria which would prove to be one of the best times of my entire life.

We arrived in Minori, and I hopped off the bus in the center of town. I went into a jumping caffe (Gambaradella) and asked if I could make a phone call to my hotel. The lady at the cash register was kind enough to make the call for me, and told me that someone would be down in a few minutes to pick me up. I got an espresso and Sfogliatelle and waited for my ride. A little while later Vincenzo Manzo showed up at the caffé in his Fiat Panda and threw my bags in his car. We headed up to Villa Maria and arrived about ten minutes later. Vincenzo led the way, and we went into the dining-room and sat down. He introduced me to his wife Maria, daughter Nadia, and his son-in-law, and they gave me a pitcher of fresh lemonade made from the farm’s wonderful lemons of course. At that moment, nothing in the World could have made me happier. I was at Villa Maria hanging out with Vincenzo Manzo and his family and drinking Lemonade made from the famed Amalfi Coast Lemons that were grown in Vincenzo’s farm. Who’s luckier than me.


Excerpted from POSITANO – The AMALFI COAST  – Cookbook / Travel Guide , due for publication Release May 2020 … Broadway Fifth Press NYC

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke @










POSITANO – Sorrento The Amalfi Coast

Cookbook & Travel Guide






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