Travel to Capri Positano The Amalfi Coast during Covid-19 Pandemic

January 21, 2021

Travel to Italy, Positano, Capri The Amalfi Coast, is it a good idea right now? The answer probably not. Sure we’d all love to go. If you’ve already been to Capri, Positano, or anywhere on Italy’s gorgeous Amalfi Coast, right about now you probably wish you were there, “right Now!” Of course you do, who wouldn’t? I know I’d love to be. But I wouldn’t. Not now. But if you do, you actually can. Here’s the news below.

With COVID cases on the rise in Europe, the island of Capri and the towns along the Amalfi Coast have imposed a number of restrictive measures to contain the spread of the virus among visitors. In Italy, masks must be worn both indoors and out. Opening hours of restaurants, bars, and cafés differ according to region, which have risk-level classifications that vary weekly based on active cases.

How bought Capri? At the moment, there are no travel restrictions for Capri. Rapid Covid-19 testing may be required. We suggest booking your ferry tickets in advance.

Here’s a LINK for the Italian Government’s Travel Restrictions GOVERNO ITALIANO

Can you go this Summer? “Let’s hope so.” I guess if you have been Vaccinated for Covid-19 supposedly your chances of getting the VIrus are cut down dramatically, and it is most likely you will not got the Covid-19 Virus, but let’s not forget that the Vaccine is not 100% and though it is highly unlikely, it will still nb possible to catch the Virus, but if you are looking to Travel, you have been Vaccinated, you wear a mask on the plane, and whenever in close proximity to other people (Ferries to and from Capri and around the Coast), and you get tested for the Corona Virus within 72 hours of your flight, you should be OK. So if, your looking to take a vacation in Capri or anywhere on the AMalfi Coast this Summer, you might be OK. However, don’t make any long term plans, but wait until Spring and early Smmmer to see where you, America, Italy, and the World is at at that point as far as the Corona VIrus and the Pandemic is at, at the time.

Yes, we’d all love to go to gorgeous Capri, Positano, or anywhere on the AMalfi Coast, just take caution, be safe, you do not want to get sick, you don’t want Corona Virus

Da LUIGI BEACH CLUB, My Favorite Swimming Spot on CAPRI, Italy

“I’d LOVE to Be SIMMING There This SPRING”

Having Lunch at Da VINCENZO, Positano 2015









If your’re planning a trip to Capri, Positano, Ravello, anywhere on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, you’ll want to read this book. It’s filled with all sorts of great tips and info on all the towns along the The AMalfi Coast of Southern Italy. Info on Naples, Sorrento, and Capri as well, along with all the great recipes to make at home to get yourself psyched for your next trip, or to make dishes that you’ve had on any of your trips, and would like to relive wonderful memories of Capri, Positan, The Amalfi Coast of Italy, this book will help you along the way. Written by Bestselling Italian Cookbook Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke , someone who’s been vacationing in Positano and the gorgeous ISle of Capri since 1985, so the man knows his stuff. Positano The Amalfi Coast Cookbook – Travel Guide is HERE on


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