Bar Internazionale Positano Italy

Via Marconi, Positano
The Blue Sita Bus pulled into Positano sometime in mid-afternoon and stopped in front of the Bar International. I hopped off the bus and got my bags and headed into the bar to use the bathroom, throw some water on my face, and get a small bite to eat. I got a Prosciutto & Provala Panino and a glass of fresh OJ, sat down and relaxed, before heading down to the Villa Maria Antonietta. It was a good long walk down many stairs and through alleyways as I navigated further down to the lower part of town towards the sea. I was lugging two large suitcases, and the going wasn’t that easy, except that I was a strong young man of just 23, and so it really wasn’t a problem. Nowadays at nearly 60, the same trip would be significantly harder, but I could still do it. Anyway, I finally made it to the spot somewhere near the area called Mulini and asked someone for directions. A man told me exactly where the little pensione was, and so I headed over. It wasn’t far at all, and in no time flat, there I was at Villa Maria Antonietta.
Excerpted from POSITANO The AMALFI COAST Cookbook & Travel
by Daniel Bellino Zwicke …. Available on
POSITANO ? “I’ve Arrived.”
This was the first place I ever went to in Positano. I got off of the Blue Sita Local Bus that I caught frome Meta, after taking the Circumvesuviana Train from Naples. I hopped off the train and waited at the little bar (caffe) for the bus to come. I had a Lemon Gelato and Apricot Juice as I waited for the bus to arrive. I jumped on the bus, and I didn’t even know what was to come, but the most beautiful, spectacular bus ride of my life, as the bus left Meta, to hop on the Amalfi Drive to take me to the charming town of Positano. I was in awe as the bus climbed the mountainside. The Tyrrhenian Sea was 1,000 feet below. The views and feelings were amazing, as the cliff shot up out of the blue azure sea, seeking the Heavens. My heart and inner being was filled with joy, as I witnessed the most beautiful views I’d ever seen. I was on the Strada Amalfitana on The Amalfi Coast, heading to Positano. Suddenly the town appeared as if the most lovely vision ever, and I was completely blown away. I was quite captivated, and it was Love at 1st sight, as I set my eyes upon the lovely little coastal town of Positano. I was totally enamored, and the feelings only intensified as I hopped off the bus to plant my feet on that town? Positano. I spotted a little cafe across the street, and walked over to it, Bar Internationale. I walked in.
The Summer of 1985, Daniel Bellino Zwicke




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