The Aperol Spritz Tee Shirt





The Aperol Spritz tee shirt by Bellino. This awesome t-shirt was created by the artist Bellino from his interpretation of a vintage Aperol poster. The Italian aperitif liquor was crated by the brothers Silvio and Luigi Barbieri in Padua Italy. In the early 21 Century, the Italian aperitivo cocktail the Aperol Spritz has become all the rage in Italy, the United States and all over the World. The 1st ever “Spritz” cocktail was created by a bartender in Venice in 1920, using the aperitif liquor called “Select” mixed with Prosecco and a splash of club soda. This the origianl Spritz was called “Spritz Venenziano” .. With it’s popularity, bartendersbegan using alternate liquors, like Campari and Aperol in place of “Select,” and in time the Aperol Spritz has become by-far the most popular. If you Love Venice, Campari, Aperol Spritz’s, Negroni Cocktails and the Italian way of life, you are sure to love this very cool tee shirt.

GIFT IDEAS : Christmas, Birthdays and all occasions.



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